Stand out

with Silver


Celebrate the beauty of who you are with a  hair transformation that makes you look and feel your best! 

If you’ve been thinking of transitioning to silver, or enhancing your new tone, we congratulate you on shaking up the expectations of society. '


It’s not easy choice to embrace the gray but our team will provide the support, education, and skill set you’ll need throughout this new and exciting journey. ✨

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It's Time You
 Let the Light In

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Ready to move away from the commitment of regular full color services? We want every client to walk away from our chair feeling brighter and softer, but with minimal commitment 🙌 Living life hiding who you are can be so tiring, and you spend so much energy that can be used in many other beautiful things. 

Gray blending is an art and keeps your hair looking fresh and intentional while keeping you out of the salon every 2-4 weeks. Know that your hair is in the hands and care of professionals who gets it. We are always willing to give our client’s a little extra love and attention when their hair needs it! Delivering a radiant blend that leaves you feeling confident and your hair in good health is always our goal.

Embrace Your Unique




Carolyn was so sweet, patient, and helpful throughout this process. She honestly worked wonders gettting my very orange- yellow hair into a pretty mushroom gray / silver. 10/10 would recommend her if you want fashion colors, or styled cuts!

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What’s necessary for a silver hair transformation?

Time and patience. These colors take time to achieve along with proper aftercare.

Be prepared for salon toning visits every month, and maintenance with salon-grade products at home to extend the longevity of your color service. Of course, this all depends on the condition of your hair, how often you wash your hair, what products you’re using at home, and the use of hot tools.


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